Jesus As a Kid

Jesus as a Kid – June 25th, 2016

Pastor Steve Schantz  

bible-1089968_1920Like the Holy Land experience in Orlando, summer Vacation Bible School programs sometimes offer children a Home Town Nazareth experience. This often includes costumes and characters from 1st century Galilee, sometimes a taste of the native foods Jesus would have grown up eating – like olives, dates, lentil soups, grapes, flat bread, yogurts and cheeses…   They might also learn about the places he traveled and the people he met and perhaps even a few animals to pet which are native to middle-Eastern culture. (Many are similar to some of our animals native to Florida!- Goats, Sheep, Lama, horses)   All of this is aimed at making the person and life of Christ real in the minds and hearts of the next generation. Continue reading “Jesus As a Kid”