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Jesus Is Our Peace – Ephesians 2:14 For He himself is our peace…

Our scripture focus for this weekend comes to us through the Apostle Paul in his letter to the church at Ephesus, chapter 2, verses 11-22.   We will go to his letter and this section of it in just a few moments.  Let me pose a question before we read together: Surely a sermon titled “Jesus Is Our Peace” will perk our ears in the hope of hearing some encouragement to counter all the division and polarization we see in our world today!  Can the statement soften the deeply held loyalties and differences that divide us?  Perhaps the mere announcement that “Jesus is our peace” will help pacify and alleviate the hostility built up between people. But if that is what we hope this passage will do, we might need to choose another passage to read.

Why?  At first glance when we read Paul’s announcement, “Jesus is our peace” it may escape our attention that in Paul’s context he has made one of the most politically charged statements anyone could make! For the church in Ephesus, the tension in Paul’s letter would not have gone unnoticed.  In fact, instead of alleviating tension, it probably raised it!  If you were living in Asia Minor during Paul’s day you would be living under the iron fist of Rome’s rule. More to the point, you would be very familiar with phrases and terminology that would be considered “fighting words.”


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Steve Schantz

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GCI’s Denominational Celebration is coming soon! Please see below all the details of our messages, worship and fellowship options, including of course GCI’s celebration!

Focused on Hope 2021 Denominational Celebration is coming soon!

To attend the event you’ll need to register using the following link:
The registration fee is $10 for an individual or $100 for a group registering as a watch party.
During the 2021 Denominational Celebration we will be focusing on the Hope Avenue, shaping our worship services to be inspirational experiences that center around our hope in the person of Jesus. This will also be an opportunity to hear stories of Healthy Church from across our international fellowship, participate in breakout sessions for ministry best practices, take part in inspirational worship experiences, and connect with our church family around the world.

Did you know you can listen to many of Pastor Steve’s messages?  Right here at Sermon Manager .

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One of their latest and greatest songs is There is Freedom with Keysha Taylor and now it has 2 new videos released!! Watch them here and here! It is a beautiful praise song of Jesus’ power to free all of us!

If you have any questions, concerns or need some type of assistance, please let me know. My God bless and protect you today and always!

In Christ

Felix Gaetan