There are some interesting observations in these three conversations:  They involve

Three different people from different walks of life – Nicodemus – who is a Jewish leader.  An unnamed Samaritan woman at a well.  And A Roman official.  We also are reading

Three different conversational styles.  The First is almost confrontational, but also prophetic.  The Second is the longest recorded one-on-one conversation of Jesus. And the Third is short, and almost dismissive.  These conversations take place at

Different times/locations Nicodemus meets Jesus at night (night is one of John’s symbols for sin and confusion). This meeting seems to have taken place in Jerusalem.  Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at noon in a town of Samaria. And The official comes to Cana in Galilee to meet Jesus. We also should take notice that each of these people come from three

Different parts of society.  Nicodemus represents the current religious power.  The woman represents the poor and broken, and The official represents the military power.  These conversations tell us a bit about who Jesus is and what his kingdom means.