Pastor Steve Schantz

Pastor Steve Schantz

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Welcome to our website and this brief virtual introduction to our local congregation, its members and its mission. It is my privilege and my calling to serve Grace Communion Orlando (GCO) as their Sr. Pastor. Ours is a team based ministry, led by elders but engaging each of its members to serve out of God given gifts and aptitude for ministry. Please join with us as we:

Celebrate God’s presence through Worship – What a unique freedom we enjoy at this time and place in history to worship our creator in spirit and in truth. We worship God who is our loving Father, His Son who acts out of His Father’s love and went to the cross to reach out for you and I, and the Holy Spirit who dwells in and empowers each of God’sadopted children. Because He has created us for relationships, first with Him and then with each other, we join together weekly in worship in response to His grace and to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Enjoy the Fellowship He created us for – We enjoy sharing our lives together as a church – from the youngest to the oldest in our congregation. We have been blessed with a local membership who come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Marriage, family, and children are a gift from the one who created us to live in relationship to Him and to each other. Our local church has a rich history of sharing fellowship with our spiritual family out of the joy, purpose, and love of the triune life of God.

Educate God’s people through Discipleship – An important part of every childs life is learning. This is especially true of the child of God. There can be no more important knowledge than that of who God is and why we are here. We’re never too old or too young to learn, and because the Truth we have in Him is the foundation for all reality, we are committed to growing in our understanding of who we are as a new creation in Jesus Christ.

Demonstrate God’s love through Service – Because God has shown us His unconditional love through the life of His Son, our desire is to emulate that same love and concern for others in everyday life settings. Time and again the Son of Man acted out of compassion and kindness while walking a mile in our shoes during His time here on earth. He now asks us to follow in His footsteps and join Him in His ministry as He guides us through the Holy Spirit.

Communicate God’s love through evangelism – As a congregation we are committed to sharing God’slove and truth through relational evangelism. As preparation to fulfill this goal our ministry members participate in specifically designed training conferences at the National and Regional level, as well as community outreach projects and missions development. Our mission is to grow in effectiveness in sharing the triune God’s good news for everyone in the life of the Kingdom life He has so graciously brought us into now through His Son.

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Pastor Steve Schantz